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It was a joy to see how our vision for combining the best of ancient wisdom and contemporary methods, was well received on Sunday night. Our service included words from the BCP liturgy- words crafted 500 years ago at the Reformation. It also included modern songs and technology. Chatting with people over refreshments after the service, I was struck by two conversations that typified this. On the one hand a young person said he really appreciated the modern songs and was intrigued to learn more about the older liturgy. On the other hand an enthusiastic woman in her eighties, told me she had not been to a church that used the BCP since she had been in her twenties – but she was thrilled to realise she remembered all the words. This brought her comfort. It is a part of our vision at Emmanuel Anglican to combine the best of the old and new – thank you to all who helped us get off to such a positive start.

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